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Case Study


Increase the operational efficiency of the wire-transfer process by making it faster and more efficient, and enhance international wire-transfer capabilities.

Customer solution at a glance:

A new, global wire-transfer system for domestic and international banking.

Primary applications

  • Make payments with other banks worldwide
  • Move funds within the Federal Reserve System
  • Move funds internally

Primary hardware

  • 2 HP S-series NonStop servers, each with 6 S76000 and 2 S78000 processors and mirrored disk for fault tolerance

Primary software

  • Software Integrators' payment-processing application
  • Lighthouse Systems security and customer and branch online wire-transfer initiation systems
  • HP NonStop operating system
  • HP NonStop Fundamentals development environment
  • HP NonStop Remote Database Facility
  • HP NonStop Transaction Monitoring Facility

HP Services

  • Program management
  • Application integration
  • System installation
  • Infrastructure consulting
  • System administration and support
  • Five-year service contract

Reproduced with permission of HP


"The reliability of the HP system and the application have met or exceeded all of our expectations. For timeliness of wire-transfer transactions, online interface and applications availability, all measures are 99.97% or greater."

Steven M. Soroka

Executive Vice President, U.S. Bank

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