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Global & Regional Banking

Whether through organic growth or a sustained process of merger and acquisition, the emergence of financial institutions whose operations span multiple geographic regions continues apace.

Supporting the provision of a high quality portfolio of products and services across multiple locations is a major operational and logistical challenge. The nature of the challenge may vary in the details but at its heart sit the requirements to maintain product and service quality to existing clients, to attract new clients through product and service innovation, and to exploit opportunities in new markets. And of course, the challenge is further complicated by the ever-present drive to reduce transaction costs while maintaining effective risk and security management across the organisation.

In order to rise to this challenge you are undoubtedly considering a range of issues and opportunities. For example, you may intend to consolidate transaction processing operations in one or more regional centres, you may wish to gain direct access to additional domestic clearing and settlement systems, or you may be planning further international expansion.

In these and similar scenarios, the systems and applications that support the exchange of financial messages and payments are the key to successfully meeting your challenges as a regional, super-regional or global institution.

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Central Banking

157 Central Banks service 165 countries and territories (2010 figures). The majority of these institutions are responsible for the deployment and management of the market infrastructure systems which support the clearing and settlement of high value interbank payments.

When selecting a system to provide a core national payment clearing and settlement infrastructure, you will have a host of considerations, both functional and architectural. Although your organization’s combined demands are unique, certain requirements are inherent. Whatever your transaction volume, you recognise that your system needs to be architecturally secure, reliable and resilient from end to end while also providing service in an efficient and cost effective manner. You also require supporting functionality for management of the settlement process and associated risks, including liquidity and collateral management and real-time position and transaction monitoring.

It is clear that a FIN Copy service is fast becoming the de facto infrastructure base for high-value clearing and settlement, with over 60 institutions worldwide now using this solution. However, the infrastructure base is only one half of the equation; just as critical is your choice of system to exploit that base.

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Corporate & Commercial Banking

The highly competitive corporate and commercial banking sector is constantly required to respond to changes in business conditions and industry regulations. The speed of product innovation, the quality of client service and cost pressures associated with revenue compression are all factors that rely on the operational infrastructure delivering the transactional support for this business.

The key components of this infrastructure perform financial message and payment processing. In many organisations it is not unusual to find this processing handled by multiple, legacy systems which often mean that innovation is impeded, transaction growth is constrained and maintenance costs are high.

You may have concerns about these effects. Do your Product Management and Sales departments report that your competitors are more responsive to new market developments and quicker to offer new products and services? Do your Client Service managers struggle to provide clients with detailed transaction information in an acceptable form and timeframe? Is your Operations department concerned about sustaining your increasing transaction volumes? Do your Risk Managers and Credit Officers really have appropriate end-to-end oversight of financial transactions across the entire organisation?

For you to compete and excel in this sector it is essential that your systems investment addresses these concerns and, moreover, inspires your creative and dedicated personnel to maximise their talent for business development.

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Domestic & Retail Banking

Two core requirements drive the provision of your domestic consumer banking services: the ability to deliver services to a high volume mass market, and the ability to differentiate products and services through business and technological innovation. These abilities are influenced by your responsiveness to industry initiatives, your ever more demanding and informed client base and your need to comply with stringent national and international regulations.

Account management and transaction services are the bedrock of retail banking. Recent years have seen a step change in the nature of these services along with a steady increase in regulation and a sharpened focus on the security and integrity of the services and the institutions providing them. From telephone banking through internet banking to mobile banking; from credit cards through debit cards to contactless payments; this is a fast moving and competitive sector.

With the Payment Services Directive and SEPA, KYC and AML legislation, and the emergence of same-day ACH payment systems and regional direct debit initiatives, your need for a world-class, enterprise-wide financial message and payments hub has never been greater. An integrated system that has volume scalability, is resilient, secure and able to provide direct, certified connectivity to a wide variety of national clearing and settlement systems is now a minimum requirement.

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