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HP Integrity NonStop Servers and Messaging

HP Integrity NonStop systems provide 24/7/365 application availability and offer the best choice for critical and complex enterprise applications. These systems deliver better than mainframe class of service out-of-the-box, without the complexity and cost of clustering technologies, and are ideal for supporting mission critical applications requiring 100% availability, real-time high-volume transaction processing and exceptional security.

Always available

NonStop is designed from the ground up to be “always available” and provides higher application availability than general-purpose servers and software. These capabilities are available out-of-the-box, without any complex or costly configuring.

Standard and Modern

Integrity NonStop systems are built on industry standards, including industry-leading HP Blades, standard memory, I/O and power and cooling technologies, and feature Intel Itanium processors. An open, highly integrated stack of operating system, database software and application services, supports all relevant open system standards for ease of application portability and development.

Supports Converged Infrastructure

Integrity NonStop systems provide significant customer benefits as part of HP’s comprehensive Converged Infrastructure initiative. By supporting virtualized, resilient, orchestrated, optimized and resilient features, Integrity NonStop systems maximize the customers’ infrastructure ROI and availability, while minimizing TCO and cost of downtime.

Fully Virtualized

Integrity NonStop systems are architected as virtualized systems. However, unlike the typical approach, where multiple virtual servers are running on a single physical server, the NonStop environment virtualizes the underlying hardware, up to 16 servers or blades, to one single server, and is able to virtualize an application across thousands of blades, essentially in a “grid” model. These virtualization capabilities enable an environment that pools and optimizes all resources at the application level. Processing capacity, storage, and network resources are shared transparently to the end user. This virtualized environment is able to deliver continuous application availability and can meet SLA's of up to 100% application up-time. 

Near-linearly scalable (2 to 4000+ processors)

By virtue of the NonStop design, which is essentially a “cluster-in-a-box”, NonStop systems are able to linearly scale by adding logical processors, which are in fact standard servers, without any additional wiring or configuration. The NonStop system architecture has been demonstrated to scale up to hundreds of terabytes of data, and literally thousands of processors, without any outage involving any aspect of their server, including processors, database, and software. 

Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)

While the underlying architecture of NonStop systems is extremely sophisticated, the availability, manageability, and development features create a total solutions approach offering the lowest TCO in its class for complex mission-critical applications. Delivered as an integrated stack of hardware, operating system, database and application services, NonStop solutions TCO is significantly lower than that of solutions built on traditional clusters, when taking into account the cost of downtime, manageability, clustering technologies and upgrades.

Reproduced with permission of HP