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Star Automated Routing

Financial institutions need to lower costs by increasing automation while protecting investments in the legacy applications that process financial messages. Star Automated Routing underpins the integration required in today’s volatile business and technology environment. Its service-oriented architecture (SOA) can be configured as an internal message hub within an organisation and as a gateway between external applications and networks. Star is designed to run on the NonStop platform and takes advantage of the fault tolerant capabilities of this hardware to provide the highest commercial availability on the market today.

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STAR Global Messaging

The ability to send and receive financial messages is a vital part of the day to day operations of any financial organisation. Star Global Messaging provides a secure and reliable messaging infrastructure for all SWIFT messaging including FIN MT and MX messaging, bulk file transfer via FileAct, Relationship Management via InterAct and is designed to accommodate future services. Star offers you the opportunity to achieve a competitive total cost of ownership by using a single strategic SWIFT integration solution.

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STAR WatchList Filtering

It is incumbent on all financial institutions to comply with regulatory provisions which may prohibit business transactions with certain entities or individuals. Star Watchlist Filtering will screen the names of account holders, beneficiaries, transaction partners and other parties against lists of suspect persons and entities published by governments and other agencies.

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STAR Liquidity Management

The ability for a financial institution to monitor and control its liquidity position is a vital part of its day to day operations. Star Liquidity Management is designed to satisfy the requirements of banks participating in high value national and international payment systems. It allows you to monitor and manage liquidity more effectively by scheduling high-value payments at regular and controllable intervals into clearing systems such as CHAPS Sterling, TARGET and Fedwire.

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COPE Payments

Payment operations are the heartbeat of a financial institution’s back-office operations. Efficient and cost-effective processing is becoming more and more critical to a positive bottom line. Cope Payments offers the flexibility to respond to changing business requirements and enables the integration of a wide variety of payment transfer services through a common application. It interfaces to high-value RTGS systems, low-value ACH systems and systems such as Star Global Messaging to provide a single source solution for domestic and international payments.

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CREST-APS CREST Assured Payments System

CREST, the real-time settlement system for UK and Irish shares and other corporate securities, is fundamental to the domestic market settlements industry for the UK and Ireland. CREST is responsible for settlement of transactions in equities, corporate securities, gilts, money market instruments and international securities.

Complementary to the functionality available within the CREST GUI, SI’s Crest-APS application enables a payment bank to automate information retrieval, allowing the requested information to be used to monitor positions, amend caps and to automatically make postings to external accounting systems.

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