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Star Liquidity Management

The ability for a financial institution to monitor and control its liquidity position is a vital part of its day to day operations. Star Liquidity Management is designed to satisfy the requirements of banks participating in high value national and international payment systems. It allows you to monitor and manage liquidity more effectively by scheduling high-value payments at regular and controllable intervals into clearing systems such as CHAPS Sterling, TARGET and Fedwire.

Features at a Glance

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Universal Benefits

The ability to maximise float and minimise funding costs are key to both operational liquidity for intra-day processing of payments and receipts, and tactical liquidity when managing Central Bank positions and associated secured and unsecured funding sources. Integrating fully with the message and payment system, with its direct access to national and international clearing and settlement infrastructures, Star Liquidity Management can help your treasury support the risk and opportunity associated with cash management across all locations in the enterprise, irrespective of geography or currency.

The flexible configuration options, automation facilities and online monitoring capability can provide the back-office with an efficient but eminently controllable, centralised management tool; increasing productivity while reducing the risks associated with solutions that rely on the manual assimilation of information from multiple, often geographically dispersed applications.

With both the application and technology platform designed for online, real-time transaction processing at extremely high volumes and incorporating full fault tolerance within its standard architecture, embedding the liquidity management function in-line with the message and payment flow in a single, integrated system enables both cost and production management benefits to be realised.

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