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Cope Payments

Payment operations are the heartbeat of a financial institution’s back-office operations. Efficient and cost-effective processing is becoming more and more critical to a positive bottom line. Cope Payments offers the flexibility to respond to changing business requirements and enables the integration of a wide variety of payment transfer services through a common application. It interfaces to high-value RTGS systems, low-value ACH systems and systems such as Star Global Messaging to provide a single source solution for domestic and international payments.

Features at a Glance

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Universal Benefits

Cope Payments brings multiple benefits to the transaction services business. Its comprehensive range of connectivity options to industry clearing and settlement facilities allows support for a diverse range of payment services, in turn allowing much greater opportunity for new product design and deployment. The flexibility of the architecture reduces the time-to-market for new products and services and a comprehensive charging, commission and billing subsystem provides a highly flexible range of revenue collection facilities.

The extensive database is specifically designed to increase the percentage of straight through payments which will reduce costs and optimise transaction profitability. A wide range of enquiry and reporting facilities enhance transaction visibility and control which leads to a reduction in processing errors, enhances the customer service proposition and aids the management of risk.

The application and technology platform have together been designed for online, real-time transaction processing at significant volumes and incorporate full fault tolerance within the standard architecture. The integration of all payment services in a single, integrated system provides the opportunity to both reduce costs and enhance production management.

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