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Company Profile

Software Integrators (SI) is a UK Company specialising in the development of financial message and payment solutions. Based in the City of London since 1988, we operate at the centre of the global finance industry, with a client base spread across three continents and our software used worldwide.

For over twenty years we have been designing and building solutions to meet the challenges faced by the Banking industry. From international message automation and straight-through processing to graphical user access and centralised operational control, we have been at the heart of the financial message processing revolution. From netting solutions and real-time gross settlement to intraday risk and liquidity management, we work with our clients to ensure they can continue to provide their customers with efficient, reliable and secure payment solutions in this volatile and competitive market.

Our latest solutions continue our philosophy of building products with high functionality and availability, designed as complete solutions in their own right but also to integrate seamlessly with other SI products or existing Bank systems. This approach enables our clients to consolidate and integrate processing applications into a single messaging and payments environment, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs while significantly enhancing security and reliability.